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aEntrance Test - (2017-18) - Results & Answer Keys
 You are cordially invited to attend the Agra College Alumni Association Meeting at 4:00 PM on Sunday 21 September 2014 in Botany Theatre followed by High Tea. From - Dr. M. K. Rawat, Principal, Agra College, Agra.
 Please Register your current status of Passout students of Agra College, Agra

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Welcome to Agra College, Agra

National Cadet Corps(N.C.C.)

NCC Officers

Lieutenant Amit Kumar Agarwal

Dr. Reeta Nigam

NCC and Agra College

* During the British era, Agra College had an Officer's Training Unit (OTU).
* After the NCC Act in 1948, the Army Wing was established in the college.
* In 1962, under the Compulsory NCC Course, 1600 cadets used to train in the college in 8 Companies of the NCC.
* Thereafter, only 2 platoons of the Army Wing remain and in 1980, a Coy. of the Army Wing was given to the college.
* In 1989, the college received a Coy. of the Women's Wing and a troop of the Air Wing in 1969.
* Presently, 420 NCC cadets are trained in the 3 wings.

The cadets have the big college field for their training purposes. The NCC have a Motivation Hall of their own. All 3 wings have their own separate offices and stores in the college campus. Currently, the cadets are training under the guidance of Air Wing's Flying Officer V.K. Singh, Army Wing's Lieutenant Amit Kumar Agarwal and Women Wing's Dr. Reeta Nigam.
Agra College's NCC history has been marked by notable achievements.
* A number of cadets from this college have been commissioned as officers in the Army, Air Force and Navy, making the college proud.
* Former ANO of the Army Wing, Major R.K. Singh was awarded the Best ANO and an honorary title of Major among other noteworthy honours.

Earth Hour Program organized by N.C.C and Agra College:
S.U.O Gaurav Singh Speaking at the Earth Hour conference held in Agra College.

Annual Day Function,2013:
A tribute was given to Maj. R.K. Singh for his services by Col. R.B.S Lamba

Awards were given to the best cadets of the Army Wing.

The Inaugration of the new N.C.C office by the Principal Dr. M.K. Rawat and Colonel R.B.S Lamba

Even a rough day cannot stop us from doing good deeds

A camp and rally was organized for people to get a Voter I.D Card made for themselves.

N.C.C Day,2012:
A G.K. Quiz was held for all the Cadets

A Blood donation event also took place.

Convocation Day:
The beginning of the program by Praying to The Almighty

And then the final picture of these proud cadets in their uniform

Success for S.U.O Bhanu Pratap Singh on clearing the C certificate exam and receiving the certificate from The Principal Dr. M.K. Rawat

An attempt to spread awareness to people to quit tobacco.

Cadets of N.C.C Agra college Army wing took part in anti-tobacco rally held on 31st of May,2014